Press Pause

Pressing Pause


Today I’m pressing pause. Im pressing pause because I’ve been stuck somewhere in the middle of chaos and future dreaming. I’m pressing pause because I forget that my stresses and obstacles are first world problems. Actually, they aren’t even problems they are blessings. I’m pressing pause because it’s too easy to become overwhelmed, discouraged, blinded, anxious, doubtful, prideful, (you fill in the blank). Im pausing because potholes and slow internet connection are starting to get to me. I’m pausing because we’re called to “be still and know” who God is (Ps.46:10). It’s easy (and foolish) to think we can do it all, we have to do it all, or that we have it all figured out. There is no substitute for relying on God. When we are still we remember/recognize/reflect on two things: That we are finite and that God is infinite. Our egos and problems shrink back down to size. So as the storms rise up against you-don’t flinch. Stand still-not because of you but because of what you know about God. 

I pressed pause today. I noticed the difference. Grateful. Peaceful. Steady.