Green Initiative

Anchor Church – Caring About People and our Planet

Anchor Church believes we should care about people and our planet, including living a sustainable lifestyle, which minimizes our impact on the Earth.

A Dozen Environmental Tips:

1. Think before you drive, and group your errands. Is the trip really necessary now?
2. Use programmable thermostats and consider 68F winter; 78F summer.
3. Replace lighting with LED bulbs.
4. Turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them. Turn computer router off at night.
5. Use reusable bags for groceries and shopping.
6. Think before you buy; most products (e.g., clothes, plastic) are derived from oil.
7. Avoid disposable products like dinnerware, especially Styrofoam (not recycled).
8. Recycle bottles, cans, plastics and paper. (Best to avoid purchasing when possible).
9. Use natural products or spot treat with chemicals on your lawn.
10. Purchase fuel/energy efficient vehicles and appliances, and electric yard equipment*.
11. Don’t litter. Items tossed in the streets go into storm drains that wash into our streams and rivers, that flow into the ocean. Cigarette butts are a major source of ocean pollution, killing wildlife and washing up on our beaches.
12. Consider the environment when making daily decisions. Lead by example and educate your friends and family on the importance of environmental stewardship.


*Gas mowers, trimmers and leaf blowers are major contributors to air pollution; the new electric mowers are light weight, reliable, cordless, have a long battery life and don’t require gasoline or oil.